Waggin' and Walkin' - The North Shore's Premiere Pet Care
Welcome to our pack!
If you're like us, your pets have become your babies. When you can't be home for them, whether because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. That's exactly what we do at Waggin' and Walkin'. Because we love animals!
We are not only professional pet sitters, but also pet owners, so we understand your concerns and needs. Waggin' and Walkin' offers a multitude of services for a variety of pets. Serving the North Shore for over five years, we are proud to offer daily dog walks, cat care, canine socialization, transportation services and pet sitting with the highest level of customer care and personalized attention. We are available 365 days and are a family owned and operated business. We reside and work in the community that we love, and our clients can be reassured that their pets and homes are in excellent care.
Why are we so loved by our families?
Extended Family
        During the initial interview your family will meet ours! You will meet your primary dog walker and owner Natalie. In case of sickness or emergency Natalie will be your designated back-up caregiver. There will never be a time when numerous, unknown employees will trot in and out of your house. You can rest assured that you and your pets will have the same caregiver everyday. We truly believe that this will ensure a quality bond so that both you and your pets can feel at ease. 
One-on-one attention
        We provide individualized services for the pets in our care. Our aim is to be a primary caregiver for pets that most people truly consider to be their babies. We will walk dogs one at a time unless socialization is requested. We are more than happy to walk siblings (dogs that live in the same household) and best friends (pre-approved neighborhood dogs) together. For our families with single pets we offer the option of bringing our own little baby Stella (pictured above) along! We have found that some families truly enjoy the opportunity for their dog to socialize and walk as a pack!
Zero Tolerance
        We never engage in physical punishment of any kind. All pets will be treated with the utmost respect, care, and love. We will reinforce general obedience such as "sit", "stay", or "heel" if requested by the owner. We also will respect families wishes on collars, leashes and general schedules. All dogs in our care will be walked using their own collars and leashes that they are accustomed too. 
Mother Nature
        We will always pick up after your pooch! We use 100% biodegradable bags that are friendly to the earth!